They are the foundation of organizations established for the betterment of their communities. Those volunteering their time and energy are investing in their community resulting in a community that thrives. There are countless individuals that touch our lives through various volunteer roles. They are a necessary and valuable resource in churches, schools, athletics and other extracurricular activities just to name a few. We count on them to help our children in so many ways. Yet as parents, we have to be vigilant when it comes to the safety of our children.

Unfortunately, often these organizations do not have credentialing checks in place, and for those that do
run background checks, they are often not updated annually. We at ImCredentialed understand that is not enough. We believe that organizations reliant on volunteers need the tools to provide more. These organizations are often working with limited time and resources. They need a reliable, streamlined, cost effective system to help ensure the integrity of their business as well as the security of the families of the community they serve.

By becoming a part of the ImCredentialed community, we offer peace of mind with a program that manages and tracks the credentials of your volunteers. Our comprehensive credentialing plans can include background checks, insurance verification, license verification, Government exclusion checks, immunization tracking and drug screening. With ImCredentialed plans can be customized to meet the specific and unique needs and budgets of various organizations. So if you are an organization reliant on volunteers, can you afford not to be a part of the ImCredentialed community?

A Core ImCredentialed account includes

National Sex Offender Search

Government Exclusion List Screening

Criminal Background Check

Driver's License

Terrorists Watch List Search


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