Credentialing your Caregivers…

Whether you’re a nanny, babysitter or provide care for the elderly or disabled, it is reassuring to family, friends and the community to know that you have been vetted. ImCredentialed is the first step to protecting families, friends and communities! Our online portal will give you or your organization the assurance that everyone has the appropriate training, immunizations and background checks.

Your organization can create an account with ImCredentialed to customize the requirements for any training required, immunizations, policies and much more. Simply have caregivers register with or create an account for them and they can complete all your requirements online, giving you full access and transparency throughout your organization. makes the registration process for caregivers easy and quick. It allows you to provide your community with the assurance that caregivers have passed a national criminal background check, completed training, CPR, etc. ImCredentialed reduces the administrative time and potential risks for you, and elevates your level of care by providing a higher standard of safety and peace of mind to your patients or clients, and the community.

A Core ImCredentialed account includes

National Sex Offender Search

Government Exclusion List Screening

Criminal Background Check

Driver's License

Terrorists Watch List Search


I am Credentialed

Add additional Credentials to your account such as:


CPR Certification

Drug Screen

License Verification

Employment Verification

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