I’m Safe. I’m Smart.
I’m Credentialed.

ImCredentialed gives you the ability to connect with multiple organizations and companies with one account. Design your unique profile and become validated through ImCredentialed.
Register yourself and manage your own personal credentials. Create multiple filing folders within your account to easily manage and share the right credentials with the right people.

Manage Your Personal Credentials

Join the online community to manage your personal documentation and be vetted by I’mCredentialed. Let everyone know you have been cleared through the I’mCredentialed credentialing process.

Connect Your Organization

Register your organization to develop your standards and manage your employees credentials. Manage their status and progress all from your I’mCredentialed company account.

Share your credentials

Share the status of your credentials with a certified email notification from I’mCredentialed. Choose the folder you want to share, or connect with organizations to be added to their dashboard automatically.

Why Choose ImCredentialed?

ImCredentialed delivers a robust credentials management solution for you to easily track and monitor your personal credentials. ImCredentialed offers a 3rd party verification for background checks, record management, trainings, and much more. Explore what we offer or contact us to learn more.

Who is ImCredentialed for?

The ImCredentialed platform is geared toward individuals who need to manage their own personal credentials and organizations that have to manage the credentials for their entire staff. Set yourself apart and your company by ensuring your clients you are credentialed through ImCredentialed.

What do we do?

You customize your credentialing needs and select which verifications you need based on your industries requirements. ImCredentialed will run clearance checks and allow you to complete any trainings or verifications that are required. Once complete, you can share your credentials and even get a photo ID badge.

What We Offer


Helping to safeguard our environment, neighbors, friends and family. No matter what industry your in, ImCredentialed can assure your community you are safe. At imcredentialed we want to make it easy for organizations and consumers to ensure that everyone they are doing business with has been properly vetted.

Mission Statement

We believe that the ImCredentialed community can be the standard in providing safety and security to our friends and neighbors.  We are establishing a community of like-minded professionals, volunteers and leaders who realize that by sharing the responsibility, ImCredentialed can be a tool in establishing a safe environment for everyone.


We want to make it easy for good people to be hired. Differentiate yourself by showing your customers, you have been approved by ImCredentialed.