Our Mission

We believe that the ImCredentialed community is the standard in providing safety and security to our friends and neighbors. We have established a community of like-minded professionals, volunteers and leaders who realize ImCredentialed is the tool for establishing a safe environment for everyone.

Best In Industry

A Digital Agency

We want to make it easy for you to manage your credentials for yourself or your company. Our web based credentialing community allows you to easily manage and share your documents with anyone.


Our social community helps you find vetted professionals and enables them to connect with clients at the click of a button.

Safe Communities

We want to empower you to ensure the safety and security of your community. With ImCredentialed we make it easy for you to do business with like minded professionals.Hello World is

Customer Support

Any questions? Contact us at (281)619-8399.

Our Story

We are mothers, fathers, coaches, volunteers, neighbor’s…regular people (with a background in credentialing and security) who see a need in ensuring a safe place for our children and families. We want to make it easy for you to connect with the right people

Why we do it..

In everything we do, we believe in the importance of safety, security and competency in our community. We believe in ensuring accountability and challenging the status quo.

How we do it..

Credentialing individuals for their specific role or position. By checking and verifying background, immunizations, licenses, training, etc. and ensuring they are up to date. By pushing compliance for internal management as well as external transparency. As well as giving you the ability to share your ImCredentialed approval with anyone.

What we do..

ImCredentialed is a complete compliance management tool for your organization to track and monitor the competencies and credentials of your staff. With comprehensive analytics, we give you complete insight into the credentialing status of your staff and allow them to easily provide those details to your clients. From one employee to thousands, we have the solution for any size organization.

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